Bunk Bed With Slide: Why Is It Worth It?

Many parents still doubt about bunk bed with slide as their primary choice for the love ones. Why do they have to doubt about this versatile bunk bed? In this article, we will talk about this issue in depth. Moreover, we also show you the benefits having a bunk bed plus a slide within it.

Bunk bed with desk and slider

First of all, you have to know what it is. Bunk bed is a bed has two or more frames on the top of another frame. This bed is very versatile if you have only a bedroom but you get two children. The slide is an additional feature for the bunk bed. It is usually integrated with the bunk bed either.

Bunk Bed With Slide Additional Entertainment

Yeah, this is the initial benefit for bunk bed with slide. It can be the entertainment feature for your kids when they are too bored with their activities. When you have no time to play or hang out with them, the slide will be the life safer for their boredom, right? The slide is also completely safe so that the parents have no worry at all. It is very worth it for your children too. Their bunk bed is special because it has a slide beside the bed.

Why Children need play? This is the answer from Deborah J. Leong PhD :

Play is especially beneficial to children’s learning when it reaches a certain degree of sophistication. In other words, “unproductive” play happens not only when children fight and argue over who is going to be the “mommy” and who is going to be the “baby,” but also when the child who is “mommy” keeps performing the same routines with her “baby” day after day with no change. By contrast, play that has a potential for fostering many areas of young children’s development, including social and cognitive development, has the following characteristics:

1) Children create a pretend scenario by negotiating and talking to peers and use props in a symbolic way; and

2) Children create specific roles-and rules-for pretend behavior and adopt multiple themes and multiple roles.


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Amazing bunk bed with slide
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Bunk Bed With Slide Space

Talking about the space, bunk bed with slide is just like other versatile bunk beds which are the best friend for small bedroom. For your information, the slide won’t make the size of bunk bed expanded. If you do not believe it, take a look on our pictures below. They are completely matched with the bunk beds, right? Actually, the slide is just a complement for the bunk bed. So, it does not take much space for your small bedroom for sure.

cool kids bunk bed with slide
img source : http://nicedecors.com/

Bunk Bed With Slide Conclusion

So, what makes you still doubt about bunk bed plus its slide now? This thing creates additional entertainment for your children. Of course, it is a good thing to make your children happy, right? Another benefit is about the space which won’t make your small bedroom looks cramped. Both benefits remove your doubt about this bed hopefully. The best thing is that the budget won’t force you to spend more money from your wallet.

Let us think about the budget in making an indoor slide on your house. It is more unworthy, right? Please think smart in this modern era guys because the technology forces us to think smarter now including this bunk bed with slide.

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