Bunk Bed Curtains: How to Make It in Easy Ways

People do not know the importance of bunk bed curtains for kids or children. It will represent the nature of bedroom for sure. Yes, it is about private area for them. We know that bedroom is the place where we can do everything we want because it is private area.

bunk bed curtains

But, it would be different if we use bunk bed as the choice. This type of bed consists of two sleepers, low and top beds. In other words, the sleepers will share a room with this bed. The function of curtain is to create private space for low or bottom bunk. For your information, bottom bunk is the easiest bunk to be used by another sleeper of bunk bed.

Bunk Bed Curtains Preparation

In this article, we will create bunk bed curtains for bottom bunk users. This curtain helps them to keep the private area on their bed and this is very versatile for comfort segment. To do this, the first step which should be made is by purchasing the perfect design of fabric.

It depends on your own favorite. There is no significant criterion about that. Then, prepare some tools such as scissors and gauge. Measure the dimension of the bed with the gauge. Make sure you have measured the necessary area only which is used for the curtains.

bunk bed curtain

Bunk Bed Curtains Measurement

After you have measured the bunk bed curtains, try to fit the curtains with the selected section. This will help you to decide whether the fabric is enough or not. Do not forget to add a few inches more than the actual size of the bed. It can be three or four inches.

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This section should be threaded with the curtain wire. So, it will be failed if you did not give extra length on it. Afterwards, we are going to measure the width. We suggest you to double the width in order to allow you gathering the other side later. That is all measurement which you need to fit with the fabric’s dimensions for the curtains.

Bunk Bed Curtains Steps

Now, it is time to cut off the fabric with the measurement that we have done before. Start from the double curtains and then the entire bunk.

After that, let us sew the curtains and gather from an end to another end. If you have much difficulty, you can use sew machine. Do not forget to use a tube where the additional 4 inches we have prepared before. Last but not least, attach the wire to connect the bunk bed curtains and the bed through hooks.

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